9 Metre Waterfed Pole Kit


This 9 metre watefed pole kit contains all the elements you need to clean windows up to 9 metres using reverse osmosis water. In this kit we supply your, 

  • 9 Metre fibreglass Waterfed Pole complete with Brush and 20 metres of hose
  • 15 litre Waterfed Pole Pump Complete With Charger
  • 198 Litre Per Day Reverse Osmosis Plant Complete With Filters.

With this kit you will be able to setup and start running within a few hours. Perfect for cleaning solar panels or hard to reach windows. The pole and pump are designed to work as a unit. The Reverse Osmosis unit is designed to connect to a tap and will filter water to fill a holding tank, the RO water can then be decanted to the mobile 15litre pump.  We generally always have stock.

Window Cleaning Equipment 6 Metre Aluminium Window Cleaning Waterfed Pole
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