Pullex Squeegee Rubber Replacement 71cm


71cm length of pullex rubber for either the 45cm or 35cm pullex squeegee.

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Pullex Squeegee Rubber Replacement 71cm
35cm window cleaning squeegee
35cm Washer Sleeve
15 Litre Window Cleaning Bucket
Pullex Scraper Fitting
This item: Pullex Squeegee Rubber Replacement 71cm R109.00 R109.00
1 × 35cm Washer Sleeve R130.00
1 × Pullex Scraper Fitting R230.00


Genuine Pullex Rubber

Genuine Pullex replacement for Pullex squeegee. Comes in a 71cm length. The rubber blade is the main component of every squeegee since it is the element that comes into direct contact with glass and dirt.

This is precisely why TQR (Total Quality Rubber) came about, a solution whose unique rubber compound recipe makes it unique on the market.

Pulex TQR concept is a unique solution for a long lasting perfect linearity of the blade and adherence to the glass, making it effective and efficient on the market.


A correct and ecofriendly choice! Thanks to the perfect cut made by precision machines, the Pulex rubber can be used on both sides saving time and costs.


Using the same rubber replacement twice, doubling its life, the Pulex rubber guarantees 100% productivity with the same investment avoiding waste.

Introducing Genuine Pullex Rubber Replacement, essential for maintaining the effectiveness of your Pullex squeegee. Crafted for excellence, this 71cm rubber blade is the cornerstone of every squeegee, forming the crucial interface between glass and grime. The innovation of Total Quality Rubber (TQR) ensures unparalleled durability and performance. The unique compound formula of Pulex TQR guarantees enduring blade linearity and superior adhesion to surfaces, setting it apart in the market.

Choosing the right rubber is paramount, and Pullex offers an eco-friendly solution. Precision-cut by advanced machinery, Pullex rubber can be utilized on both sides, optimizing time and resources. Witha sustainable approach, Pullex rubber extends its lifespan through reuse, ensuring maximum productivity while minimizing waste.

Enhance your window cleaning toolkit with Pullex rubber, compatible with both 35cm and 45cm Pullex squeegees. Experience the difference with Pullex’s commitment to quality and sustainability.